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SKINNER: Important American Military Arms from the Steve Andrews Collection, Oct 5th

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Bonhams Skinner sale of Oct 5th  features an impressive selection of rare and historic arms from the collection of  Steve Andrews. Highlights include a rare American Light Horse cavalry sabre, an unsigned Jeremiah Snow cavalry sabre as well as 1794 and 1798 Contract muskets. Several 1797 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Contract muskets including a regimentally marked piece will also be offered.

War of 1812-era arms are well represented with a selection of U.S. Model 1795, 1808, and other contract muskets, several with state militia associations. A group of arms from the second quarter of the 19th century and Civil War round out the sale with a selection of U.S. Model 1833 Dragoon sabres including a fine enlisted man's example for the National Lancers. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Czerny's Auctioneers Szarna in Italy is presenting an Exceptional Collection of Historical Firearms and Artifacts, for auction on September 20th and 21st. Among the standout offerings is a pair of wheel-lock pistols (pictured) from Saxony dated1587.
The auction encompasses a diverse selection of early armor, including noteworthy pieces like an elegant man-at-arms half armour in Pisan style dating around 1580 from Milan. Also included is an important Italian full suit of armor from the third quarter of the 16th Century, as well as a cuirassier's complete composite armor from the 17th Century.

The catalog features a remarkable 18th Century Indian kandshar adorned with intricate stone decorations, exemplifying the opulence of the Moghul era. A beautiful Pesh Kabz with lapis lazuli grip scales will also cross the block. Notable lots with noble provenance include an exceptional pair of Lebeda pin-fire pistols once owned by William Duke of Brunswick.  A double-barreled Lamat centerfield revolver is also in the catalog as is a finely crafted Algerian toe-lock gun, dating back to 1801 and featuring intricate engravings on its earlier lock
Collectors of Japanese arms will find their interests piqued with a full Tosei Gosoku armor and a Yoroi armor available for bidding. An early and attractive Caylonese Kastane blade, dated 1759, is another highlight among the beautifully crafted edged weapons in the catalog.

The lineup also includes a rare double wheellock short carbine from around 1630 in Brescia, as well as a Greek silver-mounted Roka-style flintlock pistol from the late 18th Century. Interested bidders can find more details by clicking on the provided image link to the sale.

Antique Arms & Armour Landshuter R├╝stkammer: September 22-23rd

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The Landshuter Rüstkammer September Auction includes 1340 lots of European and eastern antique arms and armor and guns from the 1500’s to the 1870’s as well as militaria from the First and Second World Wars.

For collectors of antique edged weapons, there is a large selection of daggers, swords and rapiers including a much sought after example of a Wolfgang Standler Munich town guards sword pictured. Related lots include swords dating as early as 950 to around 1650, in addition to European helmets, shields and suits of armor. A particularly fine closed helmet, German or Italian circa 1540, has a starting price 11.000 Euro.

Pistols and rifles offered range from matchlocks and wheellocks pistols to cased pairs of pistols of the 19th century. A superb high quality crafted pair of short flintlock rifles by the gunsmith Balthasar Zellner from Austria around 1740 (Lot 190) have a starting price 12.000 Euro.

Also included is in the sale is a group of oriental arms and armor with highly decorated daggers, swords, shields and firearms. In part 2 there is a large offering of German, Austrian and French edged weapons with over 200 swords, sabers and bayonets. Click on the image for a link to the sale.



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Scollard auctions are holding an upcoming auction featuring a diverse range of historical items on Sept 14th. Among the lots offered is a spectacular Gothic 'Houndskull' Bascinet Suit of Armour in the 15th Century Style. Several other helmets and elements of armor will be sold.

 Among the edged weapons are a pierced and engraved Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier (from the 17th-18th century, with an inscription "Sin al Es Dios Ceste R Si Dios" as well as a rapier of the type often used in the colonies and Caribbean. Other swords and daggers include a German Damascus Steel Lion Head Pommel Artillery Officer's Sword, a British Model 1803 Infantry Officer's Sword and several kindjals including a scarce example from the Black Sea.

Among the guns offered are an 18th C .French Silver-Mounted Brass Barreled Flintlock Pistol by Carrier Du Molard, and an attractive  Spanish Colonial Escopeta "Catalan" Miquelet Flintlock Carbine. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Rock Island Auction’s premier 3-day sale featuring a diverse range of highly collectible lots starts August 25th. With a lineup of exceptional firearms, this auction has lots for shooters and collectors alike. Highlighted lots include a cased pair of deluxe factory engraved Colt Model 1860 Army percussion revolvers with hand-engraved cylinder scenes and a presentation inscription from Philo Parsons to Union Colonel Lewis B. Parsons, estimated at $450,000.00 to $650,000.00.

Also up for auction, is a highly desirable Colt Single Action Army Revolver, inspected by Ainsworth, and once belonging to the 7th Cavalry Custer Battle era, estimated at $190,000.00 to $350,000.00. An extremely fine cased Colt Paterson No. 2 Belt Model Percussion Revolver is expected to fetch $180,000.00 to $275,000.00.

Among the shotguns, are a magnificent, cased pair of master Philippe Grifnee signed Holland & Holland Model De Luxe shotguns with game scene engravings and gold inlays is estimated at $150,000.00 to $250,000.00.
These are just a few of the remarkable offerings in this auction. Other highlights include a Factory Engraved Gold Inlaid J. Rigby & Co. Double Rifle, a Gold Panel Scene Engraved Winchester 1866 Lever Action Rifle, and an Exhibition Quality S&W Model 53 Revolver owned by Elvis Presley. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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A Scottish all-metal pistol from the 2nd quarter of the 19th C is one of the many attractive lots in Cowans online sale of the 18th. Other lots that will catch the eye of collectors include a Spencer model 1860 rifle with centerfire breechblock, a Sharps new model 1859 altered to cartridge, a percussion converted trade rile with massive 46-inch barrel by A.W. Spies, and a reconverted chief’s grade flintlock trade gun.

The sale also includes several good Winchesters, a range of US percussion revolvers including martially marked examples, as well as edged weapons and a good selection of modern guns. Click on the image for a link to the catalog.


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Scollard Auctions Sale of the 28th includes a good selection of early European Armour including period examples and 19th C.  examples, a period in which armour was much in demand. Pictured is a 17th C.  three/quarter blackened cuirassier harness, Swiss or German.  Other armor lots include a 17th C burgonet close helmet, a lobstertail helmet and a pair of south German mitten gauntlets. Several polearms including partisans, a Swedish halberd and a spontoon will cross the block.
Among the edged weapons offered are many fine examples of Russian Kindjals as well as a good Shaska and a scarcer form Black Sea Kindjal Qama. Also among the swords and daggers being sold are an American Eaglehead sabre with blue and gilt blade and scabbard a Spanish cup hit rapier and a fine gilded Keris,
A good selection on firearms representing diverse cultures are include a very attractive mother of pearl inlaid matchlock, several north African arms including a mukahla, also and Sindh Indian matchlock and a Lao snap matchlock gun. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Among the lots crossing the block in Schuler’s Auction House Switzerland is a group of early weapons and militaria.  Pictured is a Landsknecht sword, southern German or Swiss in the style of 1510-1540 one of several swords offered in the sale. Also in the sale is a good Landsknecht dagger and Katzbalger sword.

Elements of armor in the sale include a highly decorative 19th C breastplate in the mid 16th C style with a central panel depicting a cavalry battle. A range of polearms includes a morning star as well as early and later halberds as well as war hammers and partisans.

A range of flintlock military pistols and long arms are included as are civilian weapons, among them a colichemarde English smallsword. The sale also includes Japanese and Indo-Persian lots. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Czerny’s Auction house in Italy are holding two sales on June 15th and 16th. The first sale, Militaria Arms & Uniforms includes many spectacular lots including a French An XII general’s sword C 1800, a gold mounted cane belonging to general Franco of Spain, (one of several Franco provenanced lots), a rare Saxon/Polish 17th C officers sword and many fine and rare uniform pieces as well as medals and decorations.  The second sale, Rare and Fine Antique Arms and Amour from Around the World, includes the important south German Maximilian armour C 1520 pictured. It is one of several armours in the catalog.

This sale also includes many fine early edged weapons, among them an exquisite Italian rapier C 1600, an imposing Saxon broadsword C 1580, an exceptional silver mounted gold inlaid Pala sword inset with stones, a Turkish Tranbzon style Kilij inset with coral and turquoise, a lovely example of a 17th C Japanese Yoshikado school Katana and a beautiful Lapis Lazuli hilted Kilij.
Among the many fine early firearms is a Cossack  pistols stocked in walrus ivory and inlaid with gold koftgari, and early Austrian wheellock gun with the Von Trapp family crest, a pair of finely chiseled and sculpted early 18th C Tuscan snaphaunce pistols, a fine percussion double rifle by Gastinne Renette, Paris and a beautiful gold inlaid flintlock  fowler by Manceaux, Paris. Among the many other lots in the sale are fine painted shields, crossbows, polearms and daggers. Click on the image for a link to the sale


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Rock Islands Premiere auction of May 19th includes a stellar selection of museum quality guns, many with significant historical associations. Carrying the highest estimate is an engraved and silver-plated Beaumont-Adams revolver owned by President Jefferson Davis and surrendered to John Hines of the 4th Michigan cavalry on May 10th 1865. A second significant lot is the pictured Ulrich engraved and gold inlaid Winchester model 1895 owned by Zane Grey, one of many classic American western guns in the auction.

Star among the military lots is the WWII Class III Kreighoff FG42 paratrooper rifle with a 3-digit serial number.  A Mauser Stg44 will also cross the block. American WWI And II military arms include a rare Singer 1911A1 and a browning BAR 1918.  Several Thompsons will be offered, among them a  law enforcement shipped 1921AC Thompson and example 1921/28 example with navy overstamp.

The sale includes many superb sporting guns. Fine engraved guns by  Purdey, Rizzini, Watson Brothers, and Holland & Holland will be offered. In addition to collectible guns the catalog includes a rare Austro Hungarian Montigny Mitrailleuse 1851/65 37 shot volley gun and a pair of Dahlgren 12 pounder Bronze boat howitzers and 2256 lots in total over three days. Click on the image for a link to the sale.

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