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blog image
Antikvity Praha’s December sale includes a great selection of fine longarms, armour, swords and related militaria. Pictured left are some of the more desirable long guns offered included a fine German wheellock, a side by side percussion shotgun by Mathias Wlascheck in Prague, fine pinfire shotguns by Emile Bernard and Lejuene-Chamont in Liege  and a heavy pinfire Rifle by Reiger in Munich. Other guns include cased flintlock by Ryan and Watson, flintlock and percussion examples by Kuchenreuter and a cased James Warner Pocket Pistol.

Edged weapons offered include a good schiavona, a German executioner’s sword, a French AN IV Sabre and several fine rapiers including a fine Pappenheim type and an example with a blade by Juan Martinez. A good selection of armour offered includes a German 19th C. Gestech and a Burgonet C 1600. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


blog image
The catalog for Probus Auktion’s  Nov 16th sale is now online. Lots in the sale include a fine rapier C1600, one of the many edged weapons offered. Others are fine Russian silver Shasqua from St Petersburg, dated 1867, a rare Swedish Pallasch M 1778, early Tessack and Dussage swords and a Scottish baskethilt broadsword. Among the many guns in the sale are wheelock, flintlock, miquelet and percussion rifles and pistols, both military and civilian. Among the rarer guns are a pair of Russian Dueling Pistols by Bertrand & Javalet St. Petersburg  pictured here,  and a Wender style English flintlock by T Richards. A good range of militaria is also offered. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


blog image
Sofe Designs’ Winter Arms & Antiques sale takes place on Nov 7th. Pictured is a rare and fine Greek silver mounted sword, one of the highlights of the sale. Other Eastern edged weapons in the sale include Ottoman, Persian and Syrian shamshirs as well as a good kilij. Among the European swords in the sale are early rapiers, French 19th C. Cavalry swords and rare Russian and Hungarian sabers.
Several good American examples are also offered including a presentation artillery example with silver hilt and a mameluke marine sword from the Norm Flayderman collection. Other swords include  an unusual Filipin Sanduko sword present to a US doctor in 1901.

Among the antique guns in the sale is a Mughal rifle with chiseled barrel as well as pairs of flintlock and percussion pistols.  Napoleonic German and Spanish examples are included. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


blog image
A Winchester model 1855 carbine is one of the leading lots in Kramer’s sale of October 23rd. The sale includes superb sporting guns and well as antique and collectible military and civilian firearms. Other Winchester include a special order model 1873 and an 1876 40-60 rifle.
Among the sporting lots in the sale are a Fox model JE single barrel trap, a Belgian browning light 20 A5 and a Rizzini BR320 trap gun. Collectible handguns offered include a, one of 500, High Standard 45 Colt revolver, A pre-27 engraved S&W 357 and a Colt Whitetailer 357. Click on the image for a link to the sale


blog image
Landshuter Rüstkammer are holding a two day sale on September 25th and 26th. The auction includes 1500 lots of European and eastern antique arms and armour, orders & medals, German and international militaria 1750 - 1945.

The auction starts with suits of armour and rare helmets. Among the antique guns are wheellock and flintlock pistols and rifles. Fine powder flasks are offered also. Collectors of swords, and other edged weapons will find many desirable lots, among them a fine collection of Persian daggers, as well as some Russian weapons. Day two includes and imperial Austro-Hungarian collection from an aristocratic property. The collection offers uniforms and headgear, swords and daggers, orders and medals, and military equipment.


blog image
The highlight of Rock Island’s fall premiere auction is s rare and important Colt Walker. The gun, E Company 22 is the only known engraved Walker. A second engraved Colt offered in the sale, a Single Action Army, was taken from the body of Bob Dalton after the Coffeyville raid and is accompanied by extensive documentation.

Other fabulous firearms in this sale include a trio of Manrico Torcoli engraved Fabbri over and unders, a cased pair of high art exhibition pistols by Brun of Paris  and a pair of chiseled and damascened all metal percussion pistols by Eusobio Zuloaga in Madrid.

Click on the image for a link to the catalog.


blog image
Sofe Design’s Sale of August 29th includes a superb array of attractive and collectible arms and armour.  Antique edged weapons from all over the world are well represented in the catalog.  Among the fine Japanese swords offered is an exhibition sword by Fijiwara Fuyuhito.
Pictured is a very attractive 18th C Saxon Nobleman’s rapier offered. Other swords in the sale include Ottoman shamshirs, a fine Dagestani shamshir with niello as well as numerous European and Indo-Persian examples from the last three centuries
The sale also includes firearms such as the spectacular pair of Spanish flintlock pistols, a coral inlaid Algerian piston and a pair of ottoman pistols with holster from the Rudolph Valentino collection. Also offered is a wide selection of fine daggers, armour and other accoutrements. Click on the image for a link to the sale


blog image
An F&I war powder horn dated 1758 is one of the leading lots in Pook and Pook’s upcoming sale. The horn, inscribed by Samuel McNeill in may 1758 at fort Edward,  has extensive provenance including the Bill Guthman collection. It is one of several in the sale. Also offered is a letter signed by George Washington, an engraved cattle brand cased colt SAA, a Lehigh county flintlock pistol and a Garde du Corps du Roil French model 1816 flintlock pistol.

Other lots in the sale range from modern sporting guns to WWII sniper rifles as well as a range of early Historic signatures and documents. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


blog image
Auctions Imperial sale of June 27th includes a wise range of fine antique arms. Their sales typically include a good selection of Indo-Persian, Mughal and Ottoman arms in addition to early European arms and armour. Good examples of ethnographic weaponry are also included in the sale. Pictured is a fine mid 18th C. jade handled shamshir, one of the top lots in the sale. Other fine edged weapons in the sale include Greek and Polish examples.

Among the armour in the sale is a fine suit of German black and white armour. A scarce Moro armour is also offered as well as a fine Mughal mail coat and an Indian char aina armour.  There are many other collectible arms and armour lots at a wide range of estimates in the sale. Click on the image for a link to the sale.

Arms, Armour & Antiques, Antikvity Praha: June 13th

blog image
Antikvity Praha are holding their regular Arms and Antiques sale on June 13th. Among the armour lots offered in the sale are a full German etched armour for the field and a spectacular parade shield, hammered chiseled and embossed with battle scenes.

Among the rarer swords in the sale is a broadsword for the lifeguards regiment of King Christian VII of Denmark. Other swords include a good Venetian schiavona, several Hungarian sabres, a highly decorative presentation sabre and a French Hussars sabre M 1777. Guns in the sale include a percussion shotgun/rifle by Kuchenreuter, a Colt revolving carbine and a beautifully embellished queen Ann pistol by Massin. Click on the image for a link to the sale.

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