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Rock island’s Premiere sale of August 28th includes some unusual and rare lots, among them the only known original example of the iconic Han Solo Dl 44 Heavy Blaster from the first Star Wars movie. Other rarely seen lots include the 1592 dated wheellock hand grenade/mortar launcher, a Lazari Cominaz over/under wheellock pistol and a Nock seven shot pepperbox pistol.

Classic and historical American Guns in the sale include Wild Bill Hickocks S&W No2 old Army with documentation, a golden age Armstrong signed American flintlock long rifle, over 200 Winchesters including a special order ½ nickel plated “One of One Thousand” Winchester model 1873, an exceptional pair of Colt model 1855 revolvers in rosewood case, a well-documented smoothbore colt first generation six shooter, the finest example known. One of the stars of the sale is a Gustave young Factory engraved Model 1855 “root” to James McClatchie, Samuel Colt’s timekeeper. The sale will be held over 3 days. Click on the image for a link to the sale to see these and other lots.

Holt Auctioneers, Fine Modern & Antique Arms: July 11th-12th

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The top lots of Holt’s 2-day sale starting 11th   is a pair of Holland & Holland over and under 20 Royal Deluxe shotguns. The pair had hand detachable sidelocks and carries and estimate of 80,000-120,000 stg. Among the other pairs are a Boss & Co 12 bore “Easy Opening” sidelock ejectors C 1970, A Holland & Holland pair of single-trigger 12 ga Badminton sidelock ejectors, a Kell engraved pair of 12 ga Watson Bros sidelocks and a 50’s era pair of Churchill premiere finest quality sidelock ejectors. There are many other fine singles in the sale with a Boss 20 bore over and under single rigger sidelock ejector leading that group.

Among the Antique guns offered are a pair of cased Mortimer saw-handled dueling pistols, pair of Wogdon and Barton dueling pistols, a cased pair of over and under pistols by Allport Cork an 1905 baker rifle marked to the 1st battalion of the 95th rifle regiment and a rare 5 bore flintlock rampart gun for the East India Company. Click on the image for a link to these and other lots.


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Among the fine antique guns offered by Czerny’s Auctioneers in their sale of June 10th are an important pair of late 18th C cased French pistols by Boutet. Other fine early pistols include pair of flintlock dueling pistols by Joseph Manton London, C 1810, a very attractive pair of flintlock pistols, made for the eastern market by LaMotte St Etienne and an exceptional pair of silver gilt Ottoman  pistols. Long guns include a rare 16th C breechloading wheellock carbine, an Italian 17th C two primer wheelock gun and a rare Italian revolving rifle by Rocco De Luca dated 1867.
Other lots in the sale include a very rare 16th C complete Ottoman horse armour, a 17th C scimitar blade with inscription associating the sword with the 17th C Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb, a complete Moro armour with helmet, a German military 16th C rapier, on of many swords in the sale, two Dutch 17th C cannon on carriages, tow Spanish mortars C 1700, an English pikeman’s armour and a rare silver mounted Caucasian Shasqua. Click on the image for a link to the sale to see these and other lots.


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Antikvity Praha’s sale of June 4th  includes many fine edged weapons and early guns. Among the swords are a 17th C Italian schiavona, a Russian imperial presentation sword in niello silver mounts with hallmarks for 1897, an 18th C Austrian cavalry broadsword engraved "Vivat Carolus VI", a silver-mounted Hungarian sabre for a magnate, several fine Ottoman Yataghans, an Austrian broadsword M 1824 by Fischer, a French hussar´s saber M 1777 and a 17th C Spanish cup-hilt rapier.

Guns in the sale include a flintlock pistol by Joseph Hamerl, Vienna C 1730, a left handed wheellock Rifle, a combination sporting  gun by Johann Adam Kuchenreuter, the younger (1794 - 1869), court gunsmith to the princes of Thurn and Taxis and gunsmith to the royal Bavarian court after 1840, a
cased pair percussion pistols by Pirmet a Paris C 1840, a flintlock rifle by Jean Rodzinsky Warsaw C 1800, a Munich percussion target rifle by Johann Rieger, a Bohemian target rifle Inlaid in gold with "K. Schwab in Pilsen” and a pair of  French  flintlock pistols by Jean Griottier C 1750.  Click on the image for a link to the sale to see these and other lots



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Swiss Auctions Center’s sale of May  21st  includes this very unusual Indo-Persian Pesh-kabz dagger with hollow handle containing a range of surgical instruments. The sale includes a range of antique and modern collector arms. Other edged weapons include an 14th C European broadsword, probably Italian, a good English Horse Guards 18th C basket hilt sword with lion pommel, one of several English and Scottish swords,  and a rare south German medieval dagger C 1400.

Among the other lots  in the sale are a pair of Scottish steel pistols by Innes of a rare early Iberian dagger C 2nd C BC, A WWII Thompson, a Sig P210, and a landsknecht Maximilian type dagger from the first half of the 15th C. Click on the image for a link to the sale

Rock Island Premiere Auction: May 13th-15th

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The highlight of Rock Island’s premiere sale of May 13th   is a cased pair of Remington new Model Army Revolvers owned by Ulysses S Grant. These fabulous documented historic revolvers are engraved by L.D. Nimschke, have eagle carved grips and carry and estimate of one to three million dollars.  Among other rare guns in the sale are a Winchester ”One of One Hundred” model 1873, a Custer battle field pickup Ainsworth inspected Colt Single Action Army, a Texas ranger Colt Walker and an engraved Colt 1851 Navy attributed to Wild Bill Hickock.

Among the sporting guns in the sale are Ken Hunt engraved Purdey 28 ga sidelock, A brown Brothers Engraved P.V. Nelson over and under, engraved 20AG Fox and Galazan shotguns and a very fine engraved Parker Brothers 16GA A-1 special shotgun.

Other lots of interest include a civil war 1862 dated Copper Co Napoleon 12 pounder model 1857 light field cannon with carriage, A superposed Saxon wheellock pistol, a 1590 dated sporting gun and a historic grouping of medals and documents belonging to the “First Man In” on D-Day, Capt, Frank Lillyman, commander of the 101st Airborne’s pathfinders. Click on the image for a link to the full catalog.


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Probus Auction’s sale of April 20th   in Stockholm includes a good section of American revolvers as well as a fine selection of European arms and decorations from all periods. Among the American guns offered are US and Belgian Colt Navy’s, Colt Army’s, a Rogers and Spence revolver, several 1849 Colt Pockets, Whitney, Cooper and Manhattan revolvers as well as an 1861 Remington navy.

Fine early Swedish and European Arms offered include a superb Saxon puffer dated 1604 a detial of wjhich is pictured, a fine pair of Austrian flintlock carbines by Balthasar Zelner C 1720, rare examples of Swedish military swords, M1701, M1680,M1685 and M 1653, a cased pair of LePage percussion pistols, fine pairs of 18th C Liege, French, German and Italian pistols in addition to early European rapiers and amour.

Lots of Eastern interest include a fabulous 19th C kilij with damascened blade and silver mounts, a fine Turkish Miquelet rifle, an Ottoman shamshir with damascened blade and a fine 17/18th C shamshir wootz or damascus blade signed and inlaid.  Other lots offered include a Saxon cartridge box C 1580, a good shaska sword and an example of the rare Swedish Knightly order of order of Seraphim. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Bosley’s sale of April 20th   includes a good section of British martial guns as well as fine military swords and choice sporting and target cased arms.  The top lot in the sale is a rare 1815 Baker rifle converted for a socket bayonet.  Of related interest is the Baker 1813/27 rifles cavalry carbine that will also cross the block as will the rather awesome 1860 Jacobs double rifle by Swinburne. Among the edged weapons offered is a very rare WWII Lord Lovatt No 4 Commando dagger, one of only 6 known. Early swords in the sale include an 1847 presentation sword from the King of Hanover to the Duke of Beaufort.

Other lots in the sale include a Purdy cased pepperbox, a cased Adams war department marked revolver, a fine Napoleonic yeomanry officers’ sword by Deane of London, a 1788 pattern officers’ sword and a cased Lancaster percussion sporting rifle. Click on the image for a link to the sale.



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Sofe Designs Auction sale of March 26th includes four very fine wheellock rifles. The chiseled and inlaid German or Austrian example pictured is dated 1685. Other fine guns in the sale include a flintlock Kentucky Rifle by Adam Nosh, a gamblers five shot ring gun, a Caucasian miquelet rifle and a European style cased Colt .31 pocket revolver.

Among the swords in the sale is a fine Russian imperial naval dirk, a fine keris with silver and gold decoration, a rare Indonesian Belida sword and a 16th C Italian falchion. Among the other lots offered are Chinese imperial armours and a good Victorian suit of armour.

Click on the image for a link to the sale


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Among the lots in Centurion Auctions sale of the 10th are a pair of French model 1733 flintlock pistols by Blachon. Other early guns offered include a pair of Evan Philadelphia dueling pistols, a beautiful Spanish miquelet flintlock fowler by Antonio Guisasola and a pair of English dueling pistols by Manton.

WW2 collectible arms offered include a 1944 Inland Division M1A1 .30 cal paratrooper carbine, a Browning M 1919 cutaway model, and inert MG 34 and a German Berlin-Lubecker K43 semi-auto rifle. Other lots of interest are a Winchester model 101 shotgun with three sets of barrels and a range of civil war arms, among them a US navy flare pistols, a 5th model Burnside carbine an 1853 Tower Pattern Confederate musket. Click on the image for a link to the sale.

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