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In Auction News:


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Czerny’s June sale includes three days of antique Firearms, militaria and arms and armour. The first day starts with a collection of American guns.  Among the US pistols selling are scarce Colt first, second and third  Model Dragoon revolvers, as well an a S&W Russian 3rd model and a Butterfield revolver . American longarms offered include a Winchester model 1886, a 73 carbine and several model 1873’s.

On the second day a range of early arms and antique amour will be offered with an Italian embossed parade shield carrying the top estimate of 1600 euro followed by  a rare Scottish two-handed sword, a Moghul jade hilted and jeweled dagger and a north Italian hand-and-a-half sword C. 1550. This day also  includes many fine pieces of militaria, among them a rare Polish Chapka of the 7th lancers. Edged weapons firearms and armour from around the world representing different historical epochs fill out the extensive catalog. Day three continues with some spectacular antique guns and edged weapons including a rare Saxon puffer, a superb polish hussars sabre and the fine pictured pair of French flintlock over and under pistols, C. 1700, by Boiron. 

Click on the imahe for a link to the sale.

LANDSHUTER R√úSTKAMMER: ANTIQUE ARMS, ORDERS & MILITARIA: 20th Anniversary Sale: June 21st, 22nd

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Landshuter Rüstkammer will be offering a wide variety of fine antique arms and armor, orders and decorations on June 21st  & 22nd . A fine and attractive French cuirassier helmet with pierced visor C. 1620 that has a starting bid of 7000 euros will liley generate some competition. It is one of several early helmets in the sale. Among the early European swords and daggers offered are a selection of processional swords C. 1580 some with flamberge blades, a collection of Solingen made swords, a North Italian double eared dagger C 1520, a rare German “Kredenzmesser” C. 1520, an Early 16th C. South German Messer sword, and a good selection of Polish Karabelas, Italian Schiavonas and a good group of war-hammers.
Among the antique guns and pistols offered is a fine thing rifle by Jean LePage of Paris, A German wheellock dated 1679, one of several wheellock long guns, a superb “puffer” pistol dated 1576, a duckfoot pistol by Blyth London and an air rifle C. 1800 by Mladick of Vienna. The sale includes a range of arms from around the world as well as orders and decorations. Clock on the image for a link to the sale. 


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Antikvity Praha’s sale of June 8th   includes a good selection of Arms and Antiques. Featured edged weapons in the sale include a Hungarian magnate’s silver mounted saber, a 17th C cavalry officers’ sword by Peter Berg, Solingen, an Austro-Hungarian Mining 0fficials sword, a fine French silver hilted smallsword 18th C. and a Pappenhiemer rapier 17th C with Passau wolf marked blade.
Leading the offerings of antique guns is an outstanding and rare 2nd model Collier flintlock revolver. The large selection of fine guns pistols in the auction also include rare factory engraved New Haven Arms Co. Volcanic lever actions No. 1 and No. 2 pistols, a Smith & Wesson New Model No. 3 Russian revolver one of several S&W’s offered, a Swiss model 1878 revolver, a cased Mass Arms Co Maynard primer revolver, a cased pair of flintlock officers pistols by Nock, a pair of Austrian over and under flintlock pistols by Stockel, a Westley Richards revolver and a colt Model 1851 Navy. Long guns include a Winchester model 1876 in 54-60, a pair of flintlock over and under guns by Lippart and a fine flintlock rifle by Jospeh Muller.
Other Arms lots offered include a fine selection of daggers from the last three centuries, a Morion helmet, several Japanese swords and militaria lots including painted 19th C targets. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Rock Island Auction’s premier sale is spread over three days and features a wide range of superb firearms lots and starts May 29th. Among the exceptional firearms offered is the pictured Winchester model 1873. Shipped in 1889 it is lavishly engraved, and gold plated. This newly discovered masterpiece carries and estimate of $225000-$375000. Other classic western highlights include a “One of One Thousand” Winchester 1873, and iron frame Henry lever action, a B Company Colt Walker and a squareback Colt Texas holster No 5 Paterson revolver.

Among the sporting guns offered are a trio of Coggan engraved Purdey 28 GA guns estimated at $250,000.00 to $400,000.00. Other sporting arms offered include a LePage-Moutier percussion shotgun presented to President Manuel Gonzales of Mexico in 1860, a  
Winchester Model 21 Bicentennial side by side presented to president Ford and a Barre engraved Purdey self-opening sidelock.

Also, up for auction, are many guns of military and historical interest among them a A US WW1 Marine contract Colt Model 1911 , a Class III Maremont M60 and an M3A1 Stuart light tank, one of several in the sale. These are just a few of the remarkable offerings in this auction. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Probus Auction’s sale of April 22nd includes several good American arms including the first model Colt dragoon pictured. Among the other American guns offered are a Colt army percussion revolver M 1860, a Colt Navy M 1861, a cased Colt pocket, a Rogers and Spencer revolver, and two Remington new Model Army’s.

There are many fine early European flintlock and Wheelock pistols in the catalog including a Swedish M 1704 cavalry pistol, a pair of military wheellocks, a particularly fine pair of French flintlock pistols by Boullard C. 1700, a French pistol by La Couture C. 1690 With provenance and a good 19th C Turkish silver wrapped and gold inlaid flintlock pistol. There are also several wheellock hunting rifles, and English blunderbuss and percussion sporting and target guns.

A 17th C  Japanese Koto katana is one of the more desirable edged weapons offered and a fine silver mounted Russian shakshuka C 1890 is another notable lot. A large selection of Swedish military swords will cross the block as will polearms, crossbows, daggers and a wise selection of medals and decorations. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Scollard auctions are holding a sale on the 26th that includes many fine and rare lots of arms and amour as well as a range of rare antiquities. Pictured is an Italian double wheellock carbine one the guns in the sale.  Other fine guns in the sale include a pair of Spanish miquelet pistols, an Italian cased miquelet pair by Greco dated 1813, a cased Pritish percussion pistol carbine by Fenton London and a cased London pocket Colt 1849 revolver.
A 15th C style “houndskull” type full amour is also in the sale as is a Japanese Edo period suit. Other good lots include an Georgian Khmali sword, an English mortuary sword, a continental rapier C 1640, a chiseled Italian linstock, and Austrian model 1848 civil service sword, and a stone inlid kindjal. Among the African and Indo-Persian offering are a rare south Indian lance curved head, a very early south Indian cobra tipped sword, a brass inlaid tegha, an Ethiopian emperors guard shotel, a fine silver copper and iron Tuareg lance and a sliver hilted kaskara. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Pictured is a superb German infantry officers full armour C. 1585 on of the leading lots in Czerny’s two day sale starting March 21st. Lots on day one include many fine Japanese, among them a fine katana with Shinogi-zukuri blade, beautiful wakizashi in coeval koshirae and a complete Yukinoshita-style samurai armor, Anong the Persian and an Indian arms offered is an important tulwar from the property of the emperor Jahangir, a superb Moghul Kandshar dagger with rubies and sapphires, and a Pesh Kabz with striking lapis lazuli grip scales. Day one also includes important European militaria such as the Russian Garde du Corps parade helmet.

The Second day includes the pictured armour, one of several that will cross the block, early medieval swords and fine 17thC rapiers, broadswords and a superb estoc. A fine pair of flintlock pistols by Daneil Thiermay leads the antique gun lots which also include highly chiseled Italian snaphaunce examples as well as wheellocks, fine sporting guns and a rare Winchester Spanish model 1873. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Early firearms and weapons from the collection of Jean Luis Noisiez are being sold on March 3rd by Osenat auction House in France. This is superb offering that includes many early wheellocks, cased French dueling pistols and combination weapons. One of the outstanding lots is an S&W No3 Russian revolver, gilt engraved with Indian motifs. A selection of percussion and Pinfire LeMat weapons, including pistols and carbines will also cross the block as will a rare Webley Fosbery semi-automatic revolver.  
Among the earliest guns in  the sale are a German iron wheellock grenade launcher C. 1570 and rare Bourbon crested French 16th C Hagbut. Two superb pairs of cased flintlock officers pistols by Boutet, among the most sought after of all French gunmakers, will be offered. A Nock volley gun, a days Patent Truncheon and a Harmonic pistol are among the many other choice lots in the sale.  Click on the image for a link to the catalogue.

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